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since 1936. with the seals making such a big comeback and with the seals' proximity to the swimmers, authorities are getting increasingly concern. >> thank you very much. you're in the "cnn newsroom." let's begin with history. being made today in the nation of libya after 40 years of moammar gadhafi's rule, libyans lined up to vote in the country's first free election ever. they're electioning a national assembly that will be responsible for appointing a traditional government. our reporter is live in tripoli. thank you for joining us. the polls closed about an hour ago. we're hearing the turnout was very heavy. is that what you've been seeing? >> reporter: well, gary, the polls might have closed but the celebration is not over. people are out on the streets driving around, their horns, as you might hear right hundred me to the tune of lift your head up
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high. you are a free libyan. a lot of jubilation and celebration on this day for libyans and yes, the turnout according to electoral officials has been really high. about five hours ago, the electoral commission announced that 1.2 million, that is, out of 2.8 million registered voters did turn out and vote. there were a lot of people who turned out last minute to vote. and then it was, the polling took place at 98% of the polling centers. so for many officials here, this day has been a great success. >> thank you very much for joining us. a very historical day in the nation of libya. in the united states, 115 million people are sweltering in a heat wave that has lasted more than a week now. take a look at today's predicted highs. triple digit temperatures from the midwest to the eastern seaboard. boston looks good though at 87.
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several deaths are being blamed on the heat wave. keeping safe, keeping cool. it's especially hard for about 350,000 people who lost power during a freak storm one week ago and still at this hour don't have it back. cnn's emily schmidt joins us live from virginia. a state that has been hit hard by the power outages. how are peepiople coping there? >> reporter: it has been a long week. these toppled trees went down over a week ago and that was only the beginning of the problem. then came the heat. this is tenth straight day that the they were has reached at least 95 degrees. today, the temperature here is going well into the triple digits. the storm impact keeps piling up. we were driving through another part of the community in springfield, virginia. we saw some man who was out working on his deck in the middle of the day. we said why are you doing it today? his answer, he's renovating his house and last weekend's storm kept him from working then. now he has to catch up to try to get ready for his contractors. the contractors happen to be in
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the front yard. they were hauling 150 pounds of concrete one wheelbarrow at a time. that's hard work any day, let alone on this day which could very well break heat records. >> as soon as i got cold, i would drink one and drink another. soon they would pile up to around ten. i think i might get another one soon. >> reporter: this heat especially dangerous. we know there are hundreds of thousands of people all across the country who are without power right now. metro running -- metropolitan d.c. report they believe heat was to train for three train cars that derailed during rush hour yesterday. the state of maryland says they are blaming nine deaths on the heat. all of these deaths during since july 2nd. >> does anyone keep track of how much this costs in terms of damage? >> reporter: an easy question to ask. it turns out a hard question to
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answer. we called around to a lot of government agencies who that it is too early. they're still worried on cleaning up everything to add up how much this is costing them. then we talked to experts who analyze how much this costs and they say it could be about a month before we have any dollar totals but say it is fair to compare what has hampden here and across the region to hurricanes or even the snowmageddon that we had a couple of years ago. i can tell you something we saw on a very small scale. we went to suburban maryland. chevy chase supermarket. they've been around for decades. fourth generation business. they lost power on friday. then their refrigerator truck blew up. the compressor on it so basically they lost all of their fresh produce, all of their frozen food. they couldn't pay their employees. 60 employees for the days that they weren't able to work. they did not have any customers. didn't have any sales. couldn't buy anything from the supplier. then we went to the supplier. they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the food
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the piled up. >> snowmageddon. that sounds very refreshing right now. >> we remember it well. >> we remember it well indeed. nice seeing you. it is incredibly hot in the united states but relief is on the way for much of the heat zone. meteorologist alexandra steele is in the cnn weather center. where is the cooler, i'm not saying cool, where is the cooler air headed? >> i love it. you're calling snowmageddon refreshing. i was calling 91 degrees refreshing. have a great afternoon. it is a steamy one out there. this heat wave has some legs. this is the same heat wave to give you some perspective. two weeks ago this was the heat wave on the west coast and exacerbating the wildfires. the waldo canyon fire. then it moved into the midwest. it helped trigger that derecho that left all those people without power. now it is in the east coast. for today, right now in washington it feels like, which is more important than the number, right?
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107 degrees. currently at 102. this is the apex of the heat in terms of the heat wave. 103 today in k.c. 100 in lexington. here comes the relief. the relief in the form of a cold front, or a cool front. cooler air coming in behind it. you can see washington still 100 today. washington stays hot. but chicago, that was at 100 degrees yesterday. gets to 82 by sunday. and we continue in that. that cooler air dropping south behind it. washington gets into the 80s by monday and even cooler still throughout the ohio valley and tennessee valley by tuesday. but this heat relief is coming at a price. what that price is with all that heat in place, we've got that lifting mechanism and this is what we've got. showers and thunderstorms firing off. and we do have severe thunderstorm watches. you can see including new york city and half of long island, southern new york through the hudson valley of new york, west chester county and all the way from williamsport and pittsburgh in through the ohio valley. what this means is the potential
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for thunderstorms to develop. we're certainly seeing that. also today, which we've seen with the two derechos. the potential for some very strong winds. and thus tomorrow, i bet, we'll be at a path of destruction from winds. this is problem. this is what we're seeing now. here's where we can see it. wind to 70 miles per hour. you can see all the northeast, philadelphia, washington, pittsburgh, all impacted by this with the severe weather threat. so yes, cooling down is coming. it certainly is today. the top of the heat. we will cool down. >> alexandra, i get this question from a lot of people. i don't know if there's an easy answer. >> i'm putting on my thinking cap. >> is it on? >> it's on. half on. >> the question is, it's so hot this summer. it was so warm this winter. what the heck is going on? can you answer that? >> climatologists would say, one
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heat wave cannot portend what the rest summer will be. in the world of weather, things are incredibly cyclical. if you get into a heat pattern, you stay in a heat pattern and heat does beget heat. with the heat it becomes incredibly dry which we've seen around the country. when it is so dry, there's dry soil. the moister values are so dry that all that heat is radiating so it is not absorbing the temperatures. so heat begets heat. this has been an incredibly hot summer and there is another heat wave. once we shake off this heat wave through the east, there is another area in the west. that too will move east biffle tend of the summer we won't be having the conversation, boy, it was an awfully cool summer, that 2012 summer. i would say we're going to really, this will be a record one for sure. which it already has been so i don't see the heat nozzle coming down per se. >> alexandra, keep think thing cap on. we'll have more questions later. >> gotcha.
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british police have arrested a seventh person on suspicion of terror offenses. the british counter terrorism command arrested six others on thursday, all on suspicion of terrorism. no one has been charged. as nic robertson explains, all this come three weeks ahead of the start of the olympics. >> reporter: the police appear to be taking no chances with any terror groups that they're coming across. although the threat level is substantial, that is the third below the top level. it hasn't changed and it hasn't gone up. there are a clear concern that they will want to target the olympics and inside britain, they have some of the operatives who could make that possible. so the concern and the threat is very real. and that's what we're seeing happening on the ground. >> police say they are still questioning the woman arrested this morning. a new chapter relations between the united states and afghanistan. the u.s. has named afghanistan, quote, a major ally.
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the secretary of state hillary clinton made that statement during a surprise visit to kabul. it clears the way for the two countries to maintain the defense and economic friendship after u.s. troops have withdrawn. >> our strategic partnership agreement is not aimed at any other country. our goal is to work with the region and the international community to strengthen afghanistan's institutions, so that the transition is successful and the afghan people themselves can take responsibility and the future of afghanistan will be safer and more secure. >> almost all u.s. troops are set to leave afghanistan by 2014. japan, pakistan and australia also have the ally status. there is a mystery illness and it is only killing children. how they're trying to solve the deadly mystery. i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect.
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most of us use the internet. come monday, some of us may not be able to logon. >> reporter: this is what you need to watch out for this weekend. the fbi went after this virus called the dns changer through a thing called operation ghost click. why did they call it that? this virus targeted about 4 million computers worldwide. a half million in the u.s. what it did, if you click on a webb. something you wanted to go to. it simply took you to another site. sometimes it looked a lot like it. for example, you went to itunes. you wanted to buy some music or a movie and you found yourself that look kind of like it where they might steal from you.
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they were stealing ad space. the bottom line is they rimmed off about $14 million this way. these were some eastern european criminals. they were picked up but the virus is still out there. that's the real danger. and the big problem comes on monday when if this is inside your computer. there is a very good chance you will find that you simply cannot get on to the internet at all. so what can you do about it? some of the biggest name out there on the internet have been trying to help. facebook has been sending notices to people who sign on whose computers act like they might be infected. you might have seen one of these. same thing from apple. same thing from google letting people know that maybe there's a problem. what to do if you think you have a problem is simple inle ways. go to when you go to that website, it will either show you a green indicator here or a red indicator. green means you're clean. generally. it not a guarantee but that says
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your computer doesn't seem to be a problem. if it come up red, you need to act quickly. in any event, check out all of your spyware malaware. get all the updates this weekend. make sure your security system is working as well as possible to help search this out and get it out of your computer and take a little bit of time. go to that website and just make sure because you don't want to find that it is monday and the ghost got you. >> thank you vex. if you're thinking about a movie tonight, we've got some help for you. we'll tell you if the new spider-man film is worth your money. ♪ ♪
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it's time for some international news. southern russia, flash flooding has killed more than 100 people. homes were flooded while people were asleep. some folks had to be rescued by police after refuge on roofs and trees. and in pamplona, spain, the running of the bulls is on. six runners, we hear it year after year, were hurt. including this time a 73-year-old man. this is the first day of the running. the races will be held for eight straight days, ending on july
12:19 pm
14th. wikileaks founder julian is set to be sent to sweden day. it hasn't happened yet because he is in london and he has applied for political asylum. the swedish authorities want we do assange. the world health organization is tracking a mystery illness that is killing children in cambodia. so far at least 61 children have died. in fact, only one child admitted to the hospital has survived the symptoms which include respiratory problems and swelling of the brain. most of the cases have hit children under the age of 3. it is very sad. the parents of the children in this country must be so worried. >> not only the parents in this country but in the countries around it and the world health organization. what we do know is that it is not happening in clusters. it doesn't seem to be spreading at the moment. the kids all felt ill together. they first had severe swelling
12:20 pm
on the brain. that led to pneumonia and it was untreatable. what doctors are trying to find out now is what is causing this. until they find out what causes it, they can't treat it. >> they have no idea now. a total mystery to officials? >> they know what it is not. they know it is not bird flu. they have problems in cambodia periodically, maybe every ten years or so where many, many people get ill. what they are trying to do now is give chemicals, a lav a eating chemical that will allow people to remain healthy themselves would be affected by the larva. people are being asked to use mosquito nets until the world health organization can get to the bottom of it. >> what's the next step? to find out what's going on. what are parents supposed to do? >> parents are taking their children to clinics all over the country and you can imagine how nervous they are at the moment. when they see their children begin to feel ill at the beginning of any slight illness whatsoever. they're being urged to stay away
12:21 pm
from the water. the w.h.o. are working overtime themselves informed the authorities about this some time ago. they're informing neighboring krixs everybody is being told to make sure cleanliness and hygiene are the most important things. if your child is sick, to take your child to the hospital. >> thank you. you can watch my friend on cnn interna international. it is really a sad story. divorce of one of hollywood's most famous couples, tom cruise and katie holmes. it is bringing up questions radaring scientology. the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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it's been a violent 24 hours in one ohio town. they are investigating four deaths in newton falls, ohio. about 60 miles from cleveland to the east. they're trying to determine if three bodies found in a home and one found nearby are connected to another man who apparently committed suicide in a cemetery. police say a child was able to escape the shootings in that home. we now officially know how mary richardson kennedy died. medical examiners say the estranged wife robert f. kennedy died of asphyxiation. there was no alcohol but they did find three anti-depressants. george zimmerman is free man. one day after a florida said
12:25 pm
that she was a flight risk, he was able to post $100,000 bond and he got out of jail for the second time. he was ordered back there after a judge said he lied about how much money he had at a previous bond hearing. he is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. serena williams is a grand slam winner again. she won her fifth wimbledon singles title today after a hard fought battle. this is serena's 14th grand slam crown. congratulations to serena. as the world economy sputters, not even the vatican is immune to money problems. it is reporting it is nearly $19 million in the red this year. while millions of paying tourists continue to flock tots holy monuments like the sistine chapel, the cost of the staff has led to its worst financial year on record. going up against the vatican in the teachings of your own religion. one prom nenlt catholic woman is it her life's mission to see
12:26 pm
that all women have access to birth control. our dr. sanjay gupta spoke with melinda gates about how tough it is to face off against her criti critics. >> if you are meeting with the pope, what would you tell him? >> i would tell him that i think this is right for all women. if you believe in helping poor women, if you believe in children living and thriving, i think this is a necessary tool in this day and age. >> to hear more about this catholic controversy as it all unfolds, watch sanjay gupta about one hour from now at 4:30 eastern time or tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. now, to scientology. a lot of people have been talking about this controversial and secretive church recently after the news about katie holmes divorcing tom cruise. as you know, cruise is one of scientology's most famous celebrity members.
12:27 pm
the church brings in millions of dollars each year. >> reporter: the chum of scientology is known for its celebrity fire power. but beyond that is a sprawling empire that began more than 60 years ago. dollar figures are hard to come by. it is a nonprofit organization granted tax-exempt status by the irs in 1993. and its structure is complicated. the change-up of scientology international headquartered in los angeles oversees all religious activity. but there are other corporations including the religious technology center and the change-up of spiritual technology. they own and oversee the trademarks and copy rights of scientology and dianettics. it can turn out 67 million copies a year. they go for $20 a paper back on the scientology website. no doubt you've seen pictures of the celebrity center in
12:28 pm
hollywood. that's just one of the vast real estate holdings. it says it has acquired more than 70 new buildings since 2004 and that its total assets and properties internationally have more than doubled in the last seven years. the change-up of sign to go says 4.4 million people sign up every year. but scholars say the membership numbers are much lower. likely in the hundreds of thousands. so where is the money coming from? mostly its member. the church is primarily funded by contributions usually in exchange for church services like spiritual counseling and training. according to the st. petersburg time, scientology's spiritual headquarters in clearwater, florida, brings in $100 million a year. but the churches sometimes hefty fees have raised eyebrows. some former alleged the church coerces its flock into making donations and buying scientology materials and it sells a lot of materials. everything from job line courses to dvds with most of the
12:29 pm
proceeds going back to the church. the chux strongly denies coercion. in new york. >> every step you take can save a rain forest. we'll show you a new gadget that can help you get in shape and save the planet.
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many of us ramp up our routine for the summer to get ready for the beach. if that swimsuit isn't enough motivation, there are some high-tech motivations. mark, thanks for joining us. first let's talk about walking. there's a pedometer that really changes the way you think about exercise, right? >> sure. so a lot of our viewers know what a regular pedometer is. a little gadget that simply counts your step. this is one that is quite special. it is called the strive. striiv. and it is dubbed a smart pedometer. not only does it count your steps but it gives you challenges. it awards you with trophies. there is a game element where you earn coins. it is a lot of fun. the whole idea is to motivate to
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you exercise. it might give you a challenge like climb 25 sets of stairs in five minutes. and if you do that, you get a trophy that shows on your little virtual wall. you just wear this little gadget on your hip. you can clip it to your key chain. the idea is it is light weight. it charges through your computer. what i really like about it when you connect to it your computer. you do need to download some software first. the company is rewarding you with your step and actually partnering with corporate sponsors to make donations to charity. so there's a lot more to learn about striiv so i would check out the website. it is a great little gadget. about $100. >> let's say you want to pick up the pace. there is one app that kind of scares you into running faster, right? >> i think this is genius. it is an app called zombies run. it is essentially a smart you had a over book that works with
12:34 pm
devices and it tells you this creepy story in your ear phones while you're out walking or jogging. and you play as a runner in this story. it is a zombie infested future. and while you're running, you are, of course, staying away from the flesh eating undead but also helping survivors in this fictional world. but again, you're being entertained because it is a story and you're being asked to pick up the pace. and this is all tied to the audio book that you're hearing. and it is a great idea to stay motivated and you know, zombies are all over pop culture. it is about $8 and you can find it at your favorite app store. >> zombies and fitness. who knew? what can you do, it is hot in pretty much a the love north america. what can you do if the heat is too much? what's a good way to get some good quality indoor exercise perhaps without zombies? >> sure. the third and final way to stay motivated as you're exercising is through a game like your
12:35 pm
shame fitness evolcanoes 2012. this is a sequel to a game that came out about a year ago. it works with the x-box 360. and more importantly, that connect sensor that is optional. you plug it in and it monitors your movement. you play these games and do these exercises hands-free. there are so many activities in games and exercises on this one disk. it totals more than 90 hours of routines. that's everything from kickboxing to latin dance, aerobics, muscle strengthening. you're not holding anything in your hands. you're doing these fitness exercises and playing these mini games in front of your television in the privacy of your own living room. a the love people don't want to work out in a gym because they're a little intimidated. you're staying motivated. it counts your calories. it gives you lots of challenges so it is a great way to stay in shape privately and it is $49. >> good information. very interesting. thanks for joining us this
12:36 pm
weekend. >> thank you. cheers. >> for more high-tech ideas and reviews, go to and look for the gaming and gadget tab. hopefully without zombies. every day, 10,000 americans turn 65 years old. this week's cnn hero got tired of seeing his elderly neighbors fall victim to crime, abuse and neglect. here's a look at what zach is doing. >> i've been a police officer for a little over ten years. we see people at their worst. the one thing that i've seen over and over again is victimization of the elderly. they're the forgotten portion of our society that nobody really thinks about. they're alone and yet they don't ask for help. hey, buddy! you got a flat tire going there. >> i know. i don't have the money to fix it. >> that's not good. >> they're that much easier to victimize. it is extremely sad. if i can help with you that tire, give me a call.
12:37 pm
i realized something had to be done. i had had enough. i'm officer zach hudson. i was raised by my grandparents mirg great grandmother. now i'm bringing this communicate together to help keep seniors safe. hey, mr. anderson! how are you? cops and firefighters come across seniors that have various problems. are able to call us and seniors reach out directly to us. >> how is your floor looking? not so hot? >> my floor is getting mushy. i was scared to death that i would go right down through it. >> we contacted the unfor profits. faith based organizations and businesses and we get it taken care of for free. >> if we can get that time down, the wheelchair won't take its toll. >> there is no job too small. we have 25 yards to do. it takes commit many from the communicate. nice and solid! >> i love it. >> elderly people rescued me in a lot of ways. what do you think? >> i don't want to leave my bathroom. >> this is simply an tunnel for
12:38 pm
me to give back to them. >> remember, all of our heroes come from your nominations. if you have someone you would like to tell us about, go to cnn major ben gade lost a leg in the war. we'll bring you his story. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. just one removes more stains
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the battleship uss iowa fired in dangerous waters and even served as a taxi for president franklin delano roosevelt. today the ship that was once the crown jewel of the u.s. navy was opened to the public as a floating museum in san pedro, california, near l.a. a navy veteran who served on board gives us a unique tour. >> hi. i'm ship operators lead with the pacific battleship center on the uss iowa. she is a gorgeous ship. she is an engineering master piece and she is one of our nation's treasures. watch your step! i first came on board the battleship iowa in november of 1985. we had anywhere between 1,300 and 1,900 guys on board the ship. we went through the persian gulf. we did a lot of cruises, the caribbean, the panama canal, the north atlantic. 35-foot seas. that was exciting. she is a battleship. you take a look around and you will see why. this is where all the big decisions of the war were made
12:42 pm
back in world war ii in the '40s. you get chills coming into a place like this. we helped to shell korea, the russians were like, look at that ship. back in the '40s, during the conference, president roosevelt was on board the ship so he took this and used it as his taxi to go across the ocean to meet with churchill and stalin. he was in a wheelchair, as you know. this was where he stayed. because this is the only ship in the navy with a bathtub. past, present and future. president roosevelt took a bath in this bathtub. in the '80 they retro fitted the ship and these are for anti-aircraft and we could bombard the shore, too. they would fire 15 rounds a minute. here's one of her guns. 16 inch in diameter. i could fit in there. each one of these barrels, 67 feet long. fire a projectile 24 miles.
12:43 pm
one day i fired the guns, too. i did not hear the boom like you would out here but i felt the concussion of it. wow, i just shot the gun. so the last gun i ever shot in my life was this gun. one day i had the pleasure of actually driving. i remember making a turn to starboard which is right. and the whole ship just went. wow, this works. i'm driving a battleship. we're doing everything from deck work. we have the mast up. we got a lot of money from the state of iowa to get the painting done. the ship sat for 20 years. so to look at her the way she looked a couple months ago compared to now. it is just amazing. i hope everybody enjoys it when they come out. >> what a great story. it cost $18 to tour the uss iowa but it is free to children under 6. this is great. if you're from the state of iowa, it is also free. it costs nothing. this week's human factor, dr. sanjay gupta brings us the story of army major dan gade who was wounded in action twice in iraq in 2004 and 2005. he is still an active duty
12:44 pm
military man teaching politics at west point. he also inspires a lot of people as an endurance athlete. he just completed a 3,000 mile bike ride across the united states. >> when did you know you wanted to be in the army? be a military person? >> my dad had fought in vietnam. my older brother was a '94 west point graduate. i'm a '97 west point graduate. >> reporter: it wasn't until january 5 when he realized how dangerous war could be. three weeks after the incident, gade woke up in a hospital bed, recovering from many injuries and missing his entire right leg. >> i'm laying there and i'm just thinking, oh, my gosh. how much worse could this get? >> reporter: he spent some time feeling sorry for himself, he's should you. but it was his 2-year-old daughter who snapped him out of it. >> she was 2. she was playing on the ground and i was in a power wheelchair with a broken pelvis and she said daddy, can you play with me
12:45 pm
and ini can't. i can't sit on the floor. she said under her breath, she said my daddy cannot do anything. and i crawled out of the power wheelchair and i sat on the groupd with my broken pelvis and played legos. >> reporter: since that day he has become an iron man try athlete and just finished a relay bike race across the united states, pedaling six hours a day with just one leg. >> a neat ride. you are kind of going through the rural parts of america. to me that's the heartland. >> reporter: the ride was grueling. for gade, it was about more than just finishing. >> you have a setback and it could be something dramatic like i had when i got hurt in iraq. the important thing is that you find a new normal and go forward from wherever you are and do the very best with the thing that god has given you. >> reporter: cnn, reporting. major gade has a lot of experience overcoming adversity and he thinks we all have it
12:46 pm
within ourselves to do the same. the amazing spider-man is the amazing version of the epic. is it the best yet? we'll tell you. [ buzz ] off to work! did you know honey nut cheerios is america's favorite cereal? oh, you're good! hey, did you know that honey nut cheerios is... oh you too! ooh, hey america's favorite cereal is... honey nut cheerios ok then off to iceland! honey nut cheerios juicy brats grilled up on a thursday. the perfect use of the 7th inning stretch. get that great taste anytime with kingsford match light charcoal. ♪ and it starts every morning with gillette fusion proglide.
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12:48 pm
justin bieber, now katy perry. it is the latest in the trend of concert based movies. our movie critics sat down with her for a one-on-one interview.
12:49 pm
gray joins us now from los angeles. nice having you with us. what color is your hair today in. >> today it's pink. >> very beautiful. i must say. i'll to have try that sometime. >> would you look lovely. >> i think so. before we get to your katy perry interview, let's talk about the other huge release. "the amazing spider-man." there was a spiderman movie in 1977 which was 35 years ago. and a three-part series which started in 2002. now this version. how is this one different from the rest? >> you know what? it is a little bit darker. and i think that with the addition of andrew garfield who loves spiderman more than life itself. him being spiderman brought a whole new level to the movie itself. so it is good. a good bet. i'll tell you what. i liked the movie ten years ago when it was called spiderman. like when you put an adjective
12:50 pm
in the title of a film, it doesn't automatically make it so different. i have no idea what's going on. it is a little bit -- >> let's wash, gray, if we can, a clip from the newest 2012 version of "spider-man."now. okay? >> no, no, no. conners is on the way. he's coming through right now. >> there's eight minutes left. >> wait there for eight minutes after what i just told you? >> get everybody out. >> quinn, quinn! >> all right. gray, your grading scale is a through f. what do you give "spider-man"? >> well, i gave this movie a b because it's better than the last one. okay? anybody who remembers "spider-man" 3 doesn't want to essentially. and what i was going to say was, this movie is too similar to really kind of blaze a trail. they did a good job. it's a mature version of "spider-man", but overall did we need it? i've got to say, no. >> well, time to move on then to
12:51 pm
our next movie and that's katy perry part of me. gray, you talked to her a couple weeks ago. let's watch a clip from your interview with katy perry. >> used whip cream bra to put whip cream in someone's hot chocolate? >> not yet. >> yet is the key word in this answer. >> what is the sound that a peacock makes when you finally get to see it? >> sounds like a cat. >> what? >> yeah. a peacock is so fascinating, sweetie. that's why i wrote song because they are such a weird animal. they can't fly. the males have beautiful feathers. and then they sound like cats. >> what traits do you share with your adorable grandmother that is in the movie? >> well, my grandmother, who is in the movie, who is 91 and lives in vegas, she has the driest sense of humor. >> a lot of people come to your shows, inspired by you, dressed like you. does that ever creep you out at all? >> creep me out? no. i mean, if they had my face
12:52 pm
tatooed on their face maybe that would be the line that would be crossed. but until then, it's fine. >> is my wig on straight? >> it's not. >> terrible, right? >> is my wig on straight? >> yours looks perfect. >> okay. good. >> gray, to be honest with you i was very perplexed. your hair was changing colors. i could barely keep my mind on katy perry but i did eventually. the hair thing, that was really interesting. i have to tell you. unique style. >> thank you. you know what? she has a spinning peppermint bra and i have changing hair colors. i'm a huge fan of hers. i had to do it in tribute. love her. >> well, i was going to ask you about that next. you can tell me a little more about your interview and the film. is it just another concert movie? >> well, lucky for us, no, it's not. usually these kind of end up feeling like the music industry's way of getting just a few more dollars out of people when they're having a really
12:53 pm
hard time with that, but she actually has a lot to say and she's a pretty interesting person. so watching this documentary taught me that there's more to this woman than meets the eye and then getting to speak to her personally it cemented that even more. i started off as a fan with her cd in my car but i'm leaving like a lifetime best friend. i'm sure she is going to name her next album after me, i think. yeah. >> she'll name it the gray album after the beatles' white album. >> right. exactly. she's sharp and i just had a such a -- i had so much fun, and it's not often that you can walk into an interview like that and have the star just totally play ball with you. and that fits the same personality she shows in the film. i just love this movie. >> is she doing okay by the way after her high profile separation from russell brand? >> it was really hard on her and that's something that they don't shy away from in the movie. they tackle it. they show her. it's really intimate. and i don't even know how she
12:54 pm
had the strength to let people see her in that state because when i go through a horrible breakup all i want to do is hide from the world not show it to them in 3d. so she's, you know, really got a lot of strength and like i said, man, i like her a million times more than i did before. it's so exciting to be able to have that feeling about someone whose music makes you dance. >> well, i have a feeling what you're going to say but i'll let you say it. what's your grade on this movie? >> i gave this movie a whole hearted a because it's not just a 3d version of her phenomenal stage show. it's actually a really good look at someone who has something to say. loved it. >> gray drake, i enjoyed meeting you and talking with you and i do love your hair just to let you know. >> likewise i love your hair. i'm trying yours next. >> thank you, gray. i appreciate that. remember, get all of gray's movie grades at fandango and extreme heat is still punishing a lot of the united
12:55 pm
states. some communities still don't have power a week after damaging storms. one week, no power. we'll see if there is any relief in sight.
12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
seseasasonon o on n ththe g slsleeeep p nunumbmberer b . fifinanal l dadaysys!! sasalele e endnds s susundn. ononlyly a at t ththe e slsleeer ststorore,e, w wheherere n political debates and american talk shows can get heated but nothing like in jordan. [ speaking in foreign language ]
12:58 pm
>> yes, that man pulled a gun out of his pocket on a live television show in jordan. he's member of parliament. threw a shoe, pulled out the pistol, when a discussion with a former mp got heated on the television show. it seems he was accused of buying his way into jordan's parliament. the host stepped in to break up the fight. a police report has been filed. nobody was hurt. don't know if the gun was loaded. checking stories happening around the country now. california is on its way to building the nation's first dedicated high speed rail line after strong lobbying by governor jerry brown. state lawmakers approved billions to start building it. eventually plans call for the bullet train to connect los angeles and san francisco. it's about 350 miles apart. voters approved the project four years ago but support for it has fallen along with the state's economy. in las vegas it's time to shuffle up and deal. the world series of poker's main event is under way. it costs $10,000 to buy in but
12:59 pm
the winner's payout could be about $10 million. i'd like to play in that game but i don't have the $10,000 to spare. should convicted players be provided air conditioning? what if the temperature in their cell is over 100 degrees? our legal guys richard and avery give us their take. >> i don't think that the circuit court is going to come down as hard as avery thinks. i think they may make some remedial suggestions to provide fans but this is texas. don't mess with texas. a very, very tough sentencing state. you know, i don't know what percentage of people in texas have fully air conditioned homes. these individuals are incarcerated. there is a purpose for incarceration. deterrence, protect the public, should be a just punishment. i understand that. but whether it really rises to the level -- >> you can watch the rest of my conversation with our legal guys in the 4:00 eastern hour of

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